Case studies

Photo of cost and weight signs on a fruit and vegetable stall

Nathaly Bartsch

Nathaly Bartsch left school with few qualifications, but her determination to pursue her dream career means she achieved her dream of starting a degree in Pharmacy … full story

Tesco Old Swan

Tesco Old Swan, in Liverpool, is a group of five women who demanded the right to learn at work and in succeeding have also helped create a model union learning initiative that has been copied across the retail trade ….read full story

Mick Power, Numeracy Tutor

Mick Power is a Numeracy Tutor and manages the Learning Centre at the Sainsbury’s Distribution Centre at Rye Park in Hertfordshire. He talks to Ed Melia, NIACE Head of Media, about how numeracy learning is benefiting both the workers and the business.
Listen to MickPower’s interview [mp3]

Kath Ward

Photo of Kath WardKath, who is 50 years old and has worked at KP since leaving school, was eager to take up the opportunity to further her learning in both subjects, especially maths. On 21st May 2009 KP Foods held a Learning at Work Day and invited David Hedgecock from the City of Sunderland College to talk about skills for life …read full story

Kay Osberg

Photo of Kay Osberg“I can now live my life independently. I am really grateful for this and I now do not have a support worker as I can do all of the jobs around the home on my own thanks to Link to Learning.” read full story

Bob Wells

Photo of Robert Wells

“Learning has given me a bit of a second chance or another crack of the whip.”
… read full story