About Maths4Us


One in four people in England struggle with maths.  That’s why, from now until the end of March, a partnership of national organisations will work together to raise awareness of the importance of maths for all of us and look at how we can improve the nation’s maths skills.

They’ll do this by:

  • training up 8,000 Maths Champions to support other adults
  • promoting existing apps and resources
  • producing a new app for maths by working with learners, tutors and coordinating an online numeracy assessment tool
  • developing a series of MOOCs (massive open online courses) on maths related subjects
  • improving the quality of teaching and learning
  • engaging and enthusing people about the power, enjoyment, and importance of maths

Supported by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, the Maths4us initiative is being driven forward by NIACE and a number of key partner organisations across the public and private sector. See a list of partners.