Help shape the future of numeracy education!

Image of a young, male science student

We’re looking for your help next Monday in shaping the future of numeracy education.

It’s common knowledge that numeracy needs a boost, but how can technology help do this either in the classroom or in day-to-day life?

As part of the Maths4Us initiative, we’re running a challenge to develop three apps for learners, to help improve numeracy in England.  Later in the spring we will be inviting teams to take up the challenge and present their ideas for an app, the winners receiving funding to develop a working prototype.

However, before we get going, we need to understand what the current needs and potential solutions are, and this is where we hope you can help.  On 28th January, 2013 we’re running a focus group at CAN Mezzanine, London SE1 from 12noon – 3.30pm to help inform the criteria these apps need to achieve.  You don’t need any expertise in apps or technology, we just need you to be someone involved directly or indirectly in the teaching or learning of numeracy.

We’re after practitioners and learners, so, if you have more than one of you who can attend, that would be great!  The event is free, will include lunch and we have some limited funds to support you with travel costs if you think this could be a barrier to you attending.

If you can come please email as soon as possible, including any dietary or access requirements, and we’ll send you the details.  If you are going to require support with costs, please let us know too.


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